22 Dec 2011

Tote Boutique Giveaway

Salam..hehe..baru perasan lak Cik As kita dari Tote Boutique ada wat GA..nasib baik sempat lagi hehe..

So kawan2, masih ada masa seminggu lebih tau..jom le join sesama :) harap2 menang la..nanti dapat hadiah card wallet yg cun melecun dr Cik As tu.. ;) ameeen...

10 Dec 2011

Xmas GA: Little Crab Handmade Supply

Salam..makin byk GA yg dianjurkan nk akhir tahun ni..yg ni Little Crab Handmade Supply nya GA;

Little Crab Handmade Supply XMAS Giveaway 
(5/12 - 20/12/2011)

Step 1:
Click "LIKE" on Little Crab Handmade Supply Facebook Fan Page OR

Step 2:
Post this Xmas Giveaway details in your blogspot @ in your Facebook.

Step 3:
Leave message under our LCHS Blogspot's Giveaway Post saying that 

you wanna join this giveaway and you have already done 
Step 1 and Step 2. Post together with your name and email address.

After done 3 steps, you'll be entered into the draw to win these:

ONE set include:
- 4 pcs 1/8 meter group polka dot cotton linen fabric
- 4 zip head
- 1 leather snap button
- 1 purse frame (8.5cm)
- 2 meter pink linen bias tape

All the best for those who are interested!!