2 Jan 2014

"Lots of Love" Sacque for Qaseh Amani


I'm so happy to share this dress.. with "lots of love" stitch :)

The original pattern for the dress is named "Little Sunshine Sacque". However, this particular dress is turned to be so full with loves (in bright rose yarn), i've decided to name this sacque as Lots of Love Sacque :) The customer want me to make one dress for her 4-months daughter with combination of light turquoise + dark pink yarn. Thus, i picked Lion Brand yarn for light turquoise & Alize Diva for bright rose (dark pink) yarn. I'm so happy as this baby set has been delivered to the customer in Kulaijaya, Johor, yesterday :) Hopefully the parcel may arrive her today..

This baby set comprises of:

1. Lots of Love Baby Sacque

2. Bobble-Stitch Booties

3. Flower Headband

p/s: I started making this order on 18/12/2013 (dress) & all items were completed yesterday :)