29 Dec 2014

Bamboo Cotton Cashmere : Color 1


Project using Color 1 was stareted on 24/12/14, began with making petite drawstring pouch. A pair of glove was started on 27/12/14 (right glove) & 28/12/14 (2nd glove). The remnants of the yarn was used to make a mug hugger.

28 Dec 2014

GS : Granny Doreen

Pattern : Granny Square App (in association with Red Heart Yarns)
Issue No. 6

27 Dec 2014

Projects with Bamboo Cotton Cashmere ( ..in the making.. )


Here are some projects using bamboo cotton casmere yarns:

Starting date: 25/12/2014

Starting date : 26/12/2014

24 Dec 2014

Little Bear's Newborn Set


Last night I made this little poncho using the same Marvel yarn which I used for making beanie & scarf last day..

19 Dec 2014

GS : Granny Ardith

Pattern : Simply Crochet App (in association with Red Heart Yarns)
Issue No. 5

13 Dec 2014

GS : Granny Doris

Pattern : Simply Crochet Granny Square App (in association with Red Heart Yarns)
Issue No. 4

GS : Granny Mabel

Pattern : Simply Crochet Granny Square Alpp (in association with Red Heart Yarns)
Issue No. 3

GS : Granny Edna

Pattern : Simply Crochet Granny Square App (in association with Red Heart Yarns)
Issue No. 2

6 Dec 2014

Cheri Holiday Girl Set


This set was an order from Mrs. Sangeetha, Rawang. It was completed on 5.12.2014, within a day, during my travel from Kota Bharu - Putrajaya, attending my 5th brother's wedding. Mrs. Sangeetha needs to put this set on her daughter for one event on 6.12.14. After discussing few options on how to deliver this set by-hand, finally it was decided that I'll be sending this parcel to information counter at KL Sentral, so that Mrs. Sangeetha can pick it up on her way back to Rawang from her workplace in PJ. Done!

18 Oct 2014

Floral Petal Sweater Set for Hana Safiyya


Tghr td Atie & hubby ke kenduri aqiqah anak kedua kawan kami, Anuar & Azira di Pulau Melaka. Baby girl ni dinamakan Hana Safiyya.. Atie decide utk hadiahkan set Floral Petal Sweater ni to their newborn baby girl...

introducing Hana Safiyya...

13 Oct 2014

Shopping from PinkyFrogShop again & again...


Ini semua Atie yg punya..huhu.. smpi kt ofis ptg smlm :)

Jom tengok apa yg ada...

3 bateri ( G3-A batteries with 1.5V LR41 (192/RW87/V3GA).)

Crochet Lite Hook size 5.5cm

2 jarum kait metal 5 inci ukuran panjang Edgit Piecing Crochet Hooks.

Set ini mengandungi 6 batang jarum kait bersaiz : 
FREE Susan Bates Leaflet/Advisor

KIT Tiny Granny Square Blanket  BOY'SMengandungi : 
 - Buku nota Tiny Crochet - Hardcopy Pattern Booklet
- Jarum Kait Plastik Luxite 4.0mm
- Benang Kait BERNAT SET BOY'S PACKS (6pcs)

Farhan Sleeping Sack for Baby Boy


I named this sleeping sack after my nephew, Farhan :) now he's a 1-yr 5mo boy..


10 Oct 2014

Eryana Shell String Dress ( ..in the making.. )


Malam smlm start buat dress ni guna benang yg beli dr member kait fb.. sblm tido sempat merempit hgga 7" x 13" (26" ukurlilit)..

 So, malam ni sambung lagi kait hgga almost 11" of length lagi...

dan sedikit kt bahagian bodice..

nanti smbung sket lg :)