26 Dec 2013

Hooded Adult Sweater ( ..in the making.. )


Yesterday I just started to crochet this adult sweater.. I combined two different patterns to add on the hooded part to its main body..

p/s: update - done on 31/12/2013 --> here

18 Dec 2013

"Lots of Love" Sacque ( ..in the making.. )


This evening I started to crochet the order from Johor for a 4-months old baby. She ordered one set of dress with matching booties & headband, using imported yarns. These pictures were snapped during my flight back from KLIA to Kota Bharu, after attending 3-days course at Felda Residence Hotel, Trolak, Perak since 16th Dec. My flight was boarded from KLIA at 6.30 pm..

15 Dec 2013

Orange Flower Headband - 4 Different Designs


If u saw my last post (13/12/2013), u will notice that i made one newborn baby set order for aqiqah event.
Actually, the customer also ordered 4 pcs of flower headband with orange theme. The headbands are for her nieces aged 4 years old (2 kids) , 2 years old and 10 months old, respectively.

As u may see, I'm using 2 flower patterns (one with button at the center, and one without) & 2 types of band. I only switch between the two flowers & band to make up 4 different headbands :)

13 Dec 2013

Newborn Set for Aqiqah Event


This set was ordered by my customer in Terengganu :) She's so sweet by ordering this set exclusively for her sister who's delivered her son on last 10th December 2013 :) And she's ordered this for her nephew's aqiqah event, which is planned on 16th Dec 2013 :)

I'm so relieved that I managed to complete the order yesterday.. Let's look what's included in the set :)

1. Ovally-squared blanket

2. Gladiator Sandal

3. Berry Kufi Hat

4. Ribbed Mittens

9 Dec 2013

Buku daripada Liza Love Emran

Tengahari tadi Fiq tlg ambil buku drpd Kak Liza Emran di Gombak..dia belikan dari Big Bad Wolf :) buku2 ni dibeli on "sapa cepat dia dapat" basis..Alhamdulillah...