20 Jun 2013

Daisy Amelia with her Daisy Accessories

Alhamdulillah..supermommy Annie, mom to Daisy Amelia sgtlh sporting orgnya.. br poslaju sml, hari ni sampai terus dia share gmbr Daisy pakai semua tempahan yg dibuat.. abangnya Dhiya (Koko) juga sama2 happy nk tumpang sama..hehe..

19 Jun 2013

Cute Models for My Daisy Braided Booties :)


Its been a while i didn't post any entry here :) So, lets some pictures do the talking .. Here are some of my cute happy customers wearing daisy braided booties..


She's the 3rd child of my cousin a.k.a my best childhood friend, Hakimah :) seems the booties fits her well, right?


This is the 4th child to my office colleague, Kak Rasyimah :) She's super duper cute, isn't she?


This sweet baby is the 2nd princess to my friend from secondary school, Pn. Qistina :) see also her previous order for her 1st 4 years old princess in this entry: http://atieneo07.blogspot.com/2013/04/birthday-tiara-utk-azra-arissa.html :)


Iman is a daughter to my ex-housemate during my housemanship in Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Sabah i.e Dr Maryam :) This is the only picture she sent to me hehe.. I bet she's quite busy with her daily chores :)

By the way,this is the model behind the above picture, hehe..

Pink Daisy Baby Bonnet


Semalam Atie siapkan baby bonnet warna pink, tema Daisy ni..

Pink Daisy Headband

Ini headband utk Daisy Amelia...

1st time Atie buat headband with adjustable band .. so nanti saiznya blh laras dgn memaukkan salah satu butang ke dlm buttonhole.. utk Daisy ni Atie buat blh adjust sehingga 3 saiz

Daisy Theme Set for Daisy Amelia


Atie lak yg teruja bila set ni dh siap dikait.. sgt mengagumi kasih seorg supermommy utk anaknya, Daisy Amelia bila beliau minta Atie buatkan set ini dgn tema Daisy sempena nama anaknya.. Set yg ditempah termasuklah booties, bonnet & headband.. hari ni poslaju, hrpnya dh smpi ke tgn mommy esok..