12 Aug 2011

Floral Purse & one more ongoing project

Assalamualaikum & good morning every1 :)

Just to share my new completed crochet floral purse...time required is 2 hours for beginner (as for me) and possibly can be done within 1 hour inshaAllah... (expert in the future)

end product...but without button & additional flowers (smaller)

inner view

in the making...2 hours before (date started: 12/8/11)
Atie sgt happy semasa menyiapkan mini project ni sbb simple & menarik tp not enough happy as i'm still can't decide which button suppliers (even tho' there are few suppliers' blog i've followed) i would choose & what kind/size of buttons should be used that fit through all of my crochet items... thus, this purse is not considered done yet until i put button on it... still need few time & reasonable consideration in choosing suitable button suppliers...

Ini pula projek yg sedang disiapkan...started earlier than the floral purse but gonna take a longer time... here is my Swishy Scarf:

date started: 11/8/11


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