24 Jan 2012

2nd GA by Fabulous Motherhood (mommynadia)

agak lama eden menyepi..tp semangat nk join GA ni by Fabulous Motherhood, owner nye mommy nadia sempena her 2nd anniversary of motherhood :) congratulations dear.. i'm pretty sure you're definitely fabulous mom ;p

Syarat2 GA nye mudah yg amat..hanya leave/drop ur comment (details as sample below) to her GA post:

  • your Nickname : atieneo07 (ID blog/follower: gadis pekan)
  • Email : crochetgadispekan@gmail.com
  • Blog link : http://atieneo07.blogspot.com/
  • I'm ... *existing fabulous motherhood followers / fabulous motherhood blogroll links / new reader (*choose your category)

  • kwn2 x perlu pun nk buat entry utk GA ni, tp klau dpt promote, mommy nadia kita ni lagi suka ;p so harapnya mommy nadia suka la ye entry saya ni..ahaks ;p

    Hadiah? eh sure la ada...kan GA ni hehe...

    Small gifts to be won by 2 lucky winners are ...

    2 blog buttons/ watermark, self-design by the winners from the Krafty Palette..
    *winner can choose wether to have blog button or watermark*
    sample blog button by Krafty Palette:

    and sample of watermark by Krafty Palette (on the bottom right):

    best kan? so, for those yg rasa nk make some changes to their blog button/ watermark, boley la join GA yg sgt simple ni ;p

    and here are some rules of this GA... it is important to follow the rules as it increases your chance to win hehe...

    GA rules :
    • Open to all honored FM visitors
    • 1 winner will be choosen from FM followers or from FM blogroll links - with condition, you still need to drop your details at the comment box
    • Another lucky winner will be randomly choose from all the commentors, either he/she is FM followers/blog link friends or a new visitors/readers. *kira open to everyone la*
    • Only open to those with blogspot/wordpress/.com domain.
    • Winners will be randomly pick up by the random.org.

    Due date of this giveaway is on..

    3rd Feb 2012 (Wednesday) at 11.59 pm

    SEKIAN... xoxo

    No.: 12 (open)
    RESULT: -ve


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