12 Mar 2013

Vest for Yusri


Vest ni dh lama atie kait, to be exact on 01.12.2012. Tp oleh kerana masalah yarn "knitwise" (main yarn) yg x cukup (my mistake, hanya beli 2 ketul at first), hanya sebelah depan vest yg sempat siap dgn 2 balls of the yarn..so i took several days to find out how to solve this silly problem...

what i did was by trying to match the Hero Tones Knitwise yarn with five (5) matching NONA yarns... (am i that brilliant?? ;) hehhh... watch this...

and see how it turns after several rows of dc..

what's your opinion on the combination i made? accepted or not? :)

this how it looks ..

Front view.. using Knitwise Yarn Hero Tones
Back view.. using combination of knitwise + 5-colors NONA yarns 

and here... posing from Yusri..wearing the vest :)


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